"I hate coming across as a sales person. I want to be able to speak truthfully and inspire the audience."

We hear variations of this quote almost daily. That's because most people dislike selling and hate being sold to. If your talk/pitch is all about you, good luck getting people's attention for longer than a minute. And it's not about asking a question here & there to "engage" them.

IT'S ABOUT USING YOUR BODY'S INTELLIGENCE to stay grounded, present, and ready to handle any situation. It's also about knowing exactly why your message is relevant. So that the experience of listening to you is one of laser-like clarity and contagious passion. 

Thanks to their choreography background, Emma and Mariana bring a fresh perspective to the way people run pitches and presentations. Their workshop delivers actionable advice that’s valuable to both startup founders and professionals at larger companies.
— Teo Soares, Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google.

'I speak two languages. Body & english.' Mae WesT.


Mariana & Emma coaching teams and startup founders across London. Get a sense of their energy, personality and expertise. Video created and directed by Moving Creations. Thanks to PiLabs and Remote Goat.

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