Upgrade the Basics - Pitch with Confidence. Exclusive Beta Testing

Upgrade the Basics - Pitch with Confidence. Exclusive Beta Testing


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"I would like to overcome my nerves and be more natural while presenting.
I want to learn how to be calm and confident when speaking in public."

Does it sound familiar? We hear these sentences constantly.
Pitching is a crucial part of the life of every entrepreneur and creative, a bad pitch can cost you both time and millions.

Our 3-week course will get you ready for your pitches, so you can come across as confident and as natural as you are. You will eliminate all fidgeting, shaking, swaying, and trembling that do not convey your expertise or make justice to the effort you poured into your ideas.

After three years of coaching entrepreneurs from across the globe on their communication skills, we’ve seen a huge demand for an affordable, step-by-step and tailored programme that delivers results. So we are thrilled to be finally releasing exactly that!

I can vouch for them - they are excellent and really helped us to speed for our VC meetings. You find out stuff about your presenting style which makes you cringe, but they get rid of all that and turn you into a pitching machine!

Something about having excellent facilitators who were fun and engaging leading us through activities that were sometimes, silly, that let us all let down our guard, and see each other in a way we rarely get to see made all the difference. It was humbling, physical, energetic, and a great bonding experience. We’re looking forward to taking this to the next level with Metaspeech in the spring.
— JESS DAVIS, PHR, People Consultant, EY INTUITIVE (Ernst & Young)

Communications skills and public speaking will raise your value in the job market by 50% says Warren Buffett, the investor & philanthropist. On that point, we can’t help but agree with the billionaire. Because we have seen it time and time again. Take a pitch that is reasonably well constructed, with a well-explained set of arguments, and some good ideas that have proven traction. Now, picture that pitch being presented without much enthusiasm by someone who is so fearful that what their mind is able to do is desperately try to remember what comes next. That’s a failed pitch and a missed opportunity.

But if the same pitch gets delivered in an assertive personal style by someone who is centered, calm, and responsive, someone who is in flow and is able to show their enthusiasm as well as their openness to collaborate… then what you get is more business and better opportunities.

So if you’re serious about your career, your startup, your ideas… pitching like a rockstar is the skill you should be focusing on.



In this 3-week course, you will learn all the basic techniques you need to upgrade your body language and shift your mindset from fear and self-consciousness to flow and confident expression.

Our programme includes:

  1. Your own coach

    1. A tailored assessment report of your pitching style

    2. Two online one-to-one sessions of 45minutes each. One mid-way and one at the end of the course. 

    3. Unlimited email support.

    4. A tailored final report with a plan to continue to improve beyond the course. 

  2. Online video tutorials with:

    1. Theory

    2. Demos

    3. Scientific research

  3. Guided audio exercises that you can download and take with you everywhere. Repeat them as much as you need and nail the technique!

  4. Worksheets specific to each section of the training that will help you:

    1. Self-evaluate your starting points, become aware of your "bad" habits, and define how and when you will work on changing them.

    2. Use various tools to improve daily

    3. Keep track of your progress

    4. Write personal notes and questions your coaching sessions.

    5. Ebook with all the research on body language for pitching to nourish your curiosity and your brain.

  5. Extra bonuses to totally shift your mindset, and re-energise your body to face every pitch with absolute calm and impact.

Join our community of entrepreneurs and design agencies who have raised millions in funding and new business. 

Practice makes perfect. Ditch the excuses. This is an anytime, anywhere course that will allow you to reach your public speaking goals at your own peace and deliver lasting results.

We are Beta Testing Metaspeech’s first online course because we want it to be perfect for your needs. That’s why, if you become one of our trusted testers you’ll only be paying for your one-to-one time with your coach and receive everything else free of charge.