Meetings. Calls. Introductions. Presentations. Social gatherings. Networking events. Your team will do a lot of communicating during their time with you - and beyond. But whether they do it confidently is a whole other matter. And the difference between eyes glazing over, and eyes widening in wonder?

Is confidence.

If you’ve ever thought: “I’m not sure I can put this person forward to speak in public,” or “how can I tell this person that their communication level isn’t quite up to scratch,” then Metaspeech is exactly the right place to be. Because the longer they can keep a person’s attention, the higher the chances of closing the deal.

Your team members will work with Mariana and Emma, both in small groups and individually, to discover how to use their bodies and their voices to tell an on-brand story that people can’t help but listen to.

They won’t just communicate because they have to, but because they want to.







It’s fast-paced and the energy is cranked up to get teams outside their comfort zones without actually feeling uncomfortable. They can expect a little jumping, a few awkward laughs, and a lot of fun - and you can expect a team bursting with enthusiasm when they return to the office. It’s perfect for team building and team bonding. Our team training combines:


You can choose our one-off masterclass or a series of half-day workshops that focus on confidence, presence, authenticity, and engagement. All have 1:1 training and individual action and accountability plans built in, so every person that takes part will be given techniques to overcome their specific communication challenges which they can implement as soon as they leave.

It only takes a small change to see a massive improvement.




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