The only thing that will make you a great speaker.

We coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, speakers, students, employees, freelancers, executives, CEO’s, artists to take the stage share their stories and products.

The common link we all have as speakers is that we all want to be listened to.

We don’t want to bore our audience, we want to make our audience laugh, cry, think, discover, wake-up,  invest, be a part of our journey.

Easier said than done... sometimes it will flow and sometimes it will flop.

So what is the secret sauce to sticky, engaging, powerful talks?

The answer is CONNECTION.

We are taking all our learnings and turning them into a unique 30minute Webinar with:

•Live Exercises to create connection.

•Dissecting The Best Talk of All Time.

•Q&A To give you more tailored tools.

We've helped leaders from these great companies to raise funds and become awesome speakers:


We've spoken at events and conferences such as: