Over 1,000 hours of coaching later.

Back in 2015, we began research on how to marry embodiment with public speaking during a series of workshops at Google Campus.  From then on, our tech startup clients have gone on to raise over £60M from VCs and other investors, pitch competitions, accelerator programmes, and the BBC's Dragon's Den.


We have coached teams at companies like Google and indeed.com, cohorts of startups at Google for Entrepreneurs and WAYRA/Telefonica_Open_Future, and individual speakers at events such as Tedx, Digital Shoreditch, SXSW, 4YFN/Mobile World Congress, Wired Japan, FT Innovation, Tate Liverpool and many more.



Mariana Lucia Marquez

Founder & Lead Coach


Mariana is a choreographer and speaking coach with a life-long interest in embodiment.



Kim Arazi

Innovation Advisor 


Kim brings her vast experience as an innovation consultant, including her expertise in immersive tech and multi-sensory experiences,  to push us to stay creative and cutting edge.  



Inka Romani Escriva

Junior Coach & Community Manager


A professional dance artist, Inka shares her deep knowledge of movement with our clients and community. 



Paola Cortina

Business Development Advisor 


A seasoned business development professional, Paola brings her 10+ years of experience with both corporates and startups to the development of our partnership strategy. 



Maria Eugenia Sonino

Financial Advisor


With 10+ years of experience in cash management, Maria works closely with Metaspeech to ensure our cash health. 



“... a good investment of my time, and money well spent...now I know how to keep my audience engaged.”

— GRAEME RISBY, CEO & Co-Founder, Hiyacar